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12 May 2011 @ 05:25 am
I just realized that I have no updated in over a year...major fail.  
I decided to volunteer myself for the overnight 12 hour shift 'cause I'm smart like that. Sigh. So dumb. Not because I'm tired or it's busy or whatever. 'Cause I'M SO FUCKING BORED! 

Seriously, so bored. I'm working at a brewery right now doing quality control. The only reason they needed someone in the lab is 'cause they're canning beer overnight so someone needs to go get samples every hour. But doing tests on the samples only takes 20 mins, so for 40 mins I have nothing to do but sit on my ass. So yay! Getting paid for doing nothing, but SOOOO BORED! And after 3AM there's no one to talk to anymore. 

And you know what's the kicker?

I get to do this AGAIN tomorrow! Yay! MORE FUCKING BOREDOM! I

I'm gonna be smart this time and leave the extra work that my manager left me to do 'til after midnight. I finished them all at around 11PM and then there was nothing to fill my 40 mins of nothing.

Lalalala! BOREDOM!
Current Mood: boredbored