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21 March 2010 @ 05:24 pm
Internal musing...  
Haven't posted anything substantial in such a long time and I don't even know why. I guess my life as an average university student/barista (awesome as I am - also, totally certified, whoo!) just isn't interesting enough for me to even note down. Back in high school I use to post at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes that in one day and I swear my life back then is even less interesting than it is now. And I dunno, I just find that odd.

Not much to update about my life at the moment. In my fourth year of university now, which terrifies me quite a bit because I'm going to have to start actually think about my future now. But taking another year to actually get my Bio specialist degree so I have a little bit more leeway. I'm thinking about taking a year off after I graduate to actually save up some money so my dad doesn't have to pay so much. But he's not happy about the idea and thinks I'm being stupid, which I completely don't understand. Everyone I've talked to thinks it's an awesome, ok, maybe not awesome, but at least not a dumb idea like my dad does. I was thinking of doing grad school in the UK, just well, it'll be interesting and I've always wanted to go there, plus I think I have an actual chance of getting into school there versus the States.

Also, my store is completely filled with 17 year old boys that hits on anything that moves and I'm totally perving on one of them. I KNOW!!! DON'T JUDGE ME! I can't help it! He's cute and flirty and I'm flirty and it's all one big flirty thing! And the worst part is, I'm only vaguely disgusted with myself...sigh.

In other news, why hasn't anyone told me about the awesomeness that is Leverage. I've heard about it before but didn't actually put any thought into it. Until the other day I decided to randomly watch it during one of my study breaks and 3 days later I've finished the first season and am on the 7th episode of the second. Granted, the first season was only 13 episodes long, but still. So yes, people, go watch it. It's amazing! It's like watching Ocean's 11 every episode. The writers aren't big on episode arcs so you can start pretty much anywhere in the series and still have it make sense.

And I have procrastinated long enough on my research proposal, so I shall get back to it now. I'm writing about why it's mostly women in the fanfiction world...or at least trying to. We shall see how that turns out. :)
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