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you've got a face for a smile, you know

world of chances

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My name is not really Saavira. It's just something that I came up with one day because I needed a username for the Stars2ya.com account thing. If I remember correctly, I got the inspiration for the name from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I still don't get how I did that.

I am a total slash whore. Show me any movie/TV shows that has at least two male characters and you can bet your ass that I'm slashing them in my mind. There are exceptions, of course.

And that's it.

[any brushes/textures I use are made by the following people (in no particular order): dtissagirl, blimey_icons, quebelly, awmp,kamino, liminalstate, le_mo_art, teh_indy, http://hybrid-genesis.net, http://classic.tere-art.com, http://www.candycrack.net, http://magicbox.ti-fi.com, http://www.ofthesky.net/tre-xture.html, http://braggadocio.org, http://papercuts.meoworks.com/you_brushes.html, http://brushes.deviantart.com/journal/2877040/]

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com