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13 August 2009 @ 04:34 am
Charlotte Bunch is fucking crazy...  
Seriously, people, please find her article called 'Lesbian in Revolt'. IDEK! I've said 'WTF!' multiple times through the reading of this paper. Her argument is so flawed that I don't even understand how she got this paper published. She basically hates men and say that as women we need to become lesbians so we no longer have to define ourselves as in relation to men. Also, the only way we, as women, can become liberated is so completely isolate ourselves from men, to live in a society completely devoid of men.


That is all.

Oh, I'm studying for my gender relations class. It is totally awesome, but makes me cringe when I think too much about the idea of femininity and masculinity when reading fic or watching TV.

PS. I can't believe I'm listening to a song with lyrics like 'BFFs eternally...', but I can't hate it, because the Jonas Brothers are awesome and I'm gonna go to hell for perving on Nick Jonas (who's only 16...sigh).
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